Separable Fastener Assembly 10 Pack - Drill Kit Included

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Product Overview

10x Separable Fastener Assemblies and 1x Drill Kit

Already bought a Premium Starter Kit and just need to refill your supplies or have some spares?  This 10-Pack is for you!

Separable Fastener Assembly - Consists of a TiBase secured onto the Lab Analog by a Separable Fastener on one end and a Prosthetic Screw attached to the other. This provides the main components for a denture conversion, all together in an easy-to-use assembly. 

Drill Kit - Ensures you have sharp bits for each case and contains the three drills needed to create a pilot hole, create a screw channel, and clear the PEEK cap and debris from the TiBase.   

Included in the Separable Fastener Assembly with Drill Kit 

  • 10x - Separable Fastener Assemblies
    • Separable Fastener
    • Standard TiBases
    • Lab Analogs
    • Prosthetic Screws
  • 1x - Pilot Drill
  • 1x - Access Drill
  • 1x - Cleanout Drill

We recommend using a NEW Drill Kit for each conversion, to ensure you have sharp bits for quicker drilling and cleaner holes. Dull bits can cause slow drilling, resulting in excess heat that can dislodge the TiBase. 

Separable Fastener - Tighten with T5 (SDC Torque Driver)

Prosthetic Screw - Tighten with Unigrip (Nobel)

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