Tall Separable Fastener 10 Pack

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Product Overview

10x - Tall Seperable Fasteners

Similar to the Standard Separable Fasteners, but with a 2mm taller PEEK Cap (Screw Head) designed to work with the Tall TiBases.

The Tall Separable Fasteners ensure the PEEK Cap extends slightly above the TiBase.  This allows the PEEK Cap to be locked into the TiBase during pre-coating, which makes drilling the PEEK Cap out later, a smoother process. 


TSF10PK - Unigrip

TFMV-TSF10PK - Straumann (extended thread for Straumann Straight)

Tighten with T5 (SDC Torque Driver)

Want a more complete kit with Tall Separable Fasteners?

The kits listed below come with a tube of spare parts, which is made up of 4x Tall TiBases and 4x Tall Separable Fasteners.

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