Separable Fastener 10-Pack

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Product Overview

10x - Separable Fasteners

Already bought a Premium Starter Kit and just need to refill your supplies or have some spares?  This 10-Pack is for you!

The Separable Fastener is the revolutionary patented technology behind Smart Denture Conversions.  It significantly simplifies the procedure for converting a removeable denture to a screw-retained fixed prosthesis by allowing for a closed-tray pickup.   

The Separable Fastener secures the TiBase to the multi-unit abutment the same way as a prosthetic screw, except the PEEK Cap (Screw Head) and the Threaded Post are designed to separate, allowing the denture to be removed from the mouth.  The PEEK Cap will disengage and remain in the TiBase for the pickup while the threaded post remains in the multi-unit abutment.  


SF10PK - Unigrip

TFMV-SF10PK - Straumann (extended thread for Straumann Straight)

Tighten with T5 (SDC Torque Driver)

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