Training Kit

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Product Overview

Training Kit

Don't let your first experience be with the patient in the chair!! The training kit includes a denture and a model with 4 multi-unit lab analogs and all the parts needed to learn the system on a model before you go to your live patient experience. The kit comes with a Premium Starter Kit givng you the most complete set of parts and tools to preactive your first conversion. You will also have access to a step by step video tutorial and a "Zoom" meeting with our clinical consultant. Hands on learning in the comfort of your own environment!

Training Kit Contents

  • Printed Technique Manual
  • Training Model (Unconverted Denture and Stone Model with Lab Analogs)
  • Training Parts: 4 Separable Fasteners & 4 Standard TiBases
  • Premium Starter Kit
    • 6x - Separable Fastener Assemblies (Separable Fastener, Standard TiBase, Lab Analog and Prosthetic Screw)
    • 1x - Spare Parts Assembly (4x Tall Separable Fasteners and 4x Tall TiBases)
    • 1x - Torque Driver
    • 1x - Retrieval Tool
    • 6x - Press on Caps
    • 6x - Protective Plugs
    • 6x - Coating Mandrels
    • 1x - Drill Kit (Pilot Drill with Adapter, Access Drill, Cleanout Drill and Hey Key)
    • 1x - Pin Vise
  • Tissue Punch
  • Silicone Sheets: White and Colored
  • Smart Denture Conversions Bur Block
  • Teflon Tape
  • Access to Training Course and videos
  • Zoom meeting with a clinical consultant

***The Pilot Drill and Access drills are intended for use in a laboratory handpiece. We recommend NSK. The Cleanout Drill is intended only for use with the pin vise.