Premium Starter Kit

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The Premium Starter kit includes one (1) Starter Kit*, plus one (1) Press-On cap 6 pack, one (1) Protective Plug 6 pack, and one (1) Coating Mandrel 6 pack. The Premium Smart Denture Conversion kit is compatible with Multi-Unit Abutments from Neodent, Nobel, 3I-Zimmer, BioHorizons, Straumann, Astra EV,Blue Sky Bio, and DESS.

*Starter Kit = six (6) Separable Fastener Assemblies**, six (6) Standard TiBases, one (1) Spare Parts***, one (1) Low Torque Driver, one (1) Retriever Tool, one (1) Pin Vise, one (1) Drill Kit****

**Separable Fastener Assemblies = PEEK Cap, Threaded Post, Standard TiBase, Lab Analog, Prosthetic Screw

***Spare Parts = (4) Tall Separable Fasteners, (4) Tall TiBases

****Drill Kit = (1) Pilot Drill w/ Adapter/Hex Key, (1) Access Drill, (1) Cleanout Drill


(No reviews yet) Write a Review