Access Drill 1-Pack

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1x - Access Drill

Already bought a Premium Starter Kit and don't need a complete Drill Kit, just an Access Drill?  This 1-Pack is right for you

The Access Drill is installed into a laboratory handpiece and is used from the occlusal/cameo surface to expand the pilot hole to 3/32”.  The tip of the bit will fit into the pilot hole and help guide it until you hit the top of the TiBase. The Access Drill is the second drill used in the drilling process. 

We recommend using a NEW Drill Kit for each conversion, to ensure you have sharp bits for quicker drilling and cleaner holes. Dull bits can cause slow drilling, resulting in excess heat that can dislodge the TiBase. 

Caution: Drill bits should always be used to drill straight and force should never be loaded off axis, which could cause
damage to the bit or drilling material, that could result in personal injury.

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