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Product Overview

1x - Retrieval Tool

Already bought a Premium Starter Kit and just need to refill your supplies or have some spares?  This Retrieval tool is for you!

Press-On Caps are the primary method used to remove the threaded post.

The Retrieval Tool is used to recover the Threaded Post from a multi-unit abutment, if the Press-On Caps will not engage, meaning the Threaded Post has been over-driven. The Retrieval Tool is designed to allow recovery of the threaded post even when it is fully in the multi-unit abutment. The Retrieval Tool is designed to be used in an implant handpiece or latch-lock slow speed and then apply light pressure until it engages the Threaded Post. It can then be run slowly in reverse to remove the threaded post from the MUA. 

Technical Notes: 

  • The Retrieval Tool should always be used in an implant hand piece or latch lock slow speed. It should never be used by hand. 
  • Ensure the Retrieval Tool is pushed onto the threaded post at the same axis and with light pressure. Improper angle or too much pressure can damage the tangs on the tool, preventing it from gripping the threaded post. 
  • Parts damaged by misuse are not covered under warranty 

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