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Our System is Designed for Maximum Compatibility.

Our parts can be used with multi-units from these companies

Nobel Biocare











Biomet 3i, Osseotite








Blue Sky Bio

Astra EV


Biomet 3i, Osseotite Certain 






Ace Surgical

*Requires selection of Straumann compatibility when available


Product Compatibility available through Distributers 

Keystone Dental

(Genesis, Prima, Paltop and Molaris)


Additional Compatibility using Dess Multi-Units



MIS Dental

Implant Direct

See What Practices are Saying

Dr. Ben Vela

"If your conversion time is more than 2 hours, this will change the game. I do about 20 arches a year, and average 3-4 hours for conversion. NOW-No need for a lab tech. No need for master model. Not without a learning curve, but worth every single penny. Was able to convert an arch in a little under an hour...even with one not picking up the first go round. They say time is money, you’d be saving thousands! Great solution! A true game changer!"

Dr. Majelle Susler

"This conversion kit worked AMAZING!! It takes a daunting thing like converting a denture and turns it into a familiar procedure because it feels like doing a locator pick-up. I would highly recommend this for anyone doing denture conversions!"

Dario Zuniga - Denturist

"Genius! I had a 1 day class on a Friday to learn the system, went back to the clinic and Monday converted 3 arches , stronger temporary hybrid, time saving, simple and practical! If you are thinking on trying it, go for it!"

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